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Omniware Calendar Update to the rescue.


With the release of Omniware Calendar Update, it is now possible to push FOS scheduling information to Exchange calendar appointments. The application is a .NET Windows service that can be run anywhere in your network. This application will update FOS trip and activity information into your crew members' Exchange calendars. Since we are utilizing the Exchange server on your network, the data is accessible from any device or application that can display calendar appointments, such as:

  • Outlook ( Desktop )
  • Outlook Web Access ( OWA )
  • iPad, iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry

Click here for the User Manual.

Click here for a quick presentation and demo video.

Omniware Calendar Update has been running for years in a number of management and charter companies with great success.

Below are a few screen shots to illustrate the many features of OmniCalendarUpdate.

Outlook Calendar Output
Trips, Legs and Activities are represented by appointments on the Outlook calendar.

Control Tab
The application runs as a Windows service. The Control tab gives you the opportunity to start and stop the service. The timed process that updates calendars can also be initiated from the Control tab.

Configuration Tab - Application
Various global application settings can be configured.

Configuration Tab - Comments
FOS data to be included in the body of an appointment is controlled on the Comments tab.

Crew Tab
FOS crew members who need schedules pushed to their calendars are displayed on the Crew tab.

Aircraft Tab
Aircraft schedules can be tracked and sent to any calendar from the Aircraft tab.